We are a digital marketing agency that offers an array of services that is tailor made for every client. Our services are suited to comply with every aspect of your business, whether you own a small or large organization. We create strategies that sets you apart from your competition and takes your brand to a whole new level. Our research helps us to understand your clients and uncover a pool of opportunities that will help you achieve your business goals.

We give your brand the right exposure and create and execute campaigns that give your brand a new look and convert your audiences into buyers. We work with you, understand your requirements, study your goals and develop strategies that make your business more efficient.

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We believe in working alongside you every step of the way. With valuable inputs and reviews from you, we will be able to create campaigns, releases and strategies that will lead you to success. The most important document required is your Project Requirement Document. Defining the goals and outcomes you are expecting from your project, gives us a fair idea of what your expectations are.

You can have a glance at the way we develop your project

Before we jump into any project, the basic requirements include understanding your project/ application, its requirements and your expectations.

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    This can be in the form of a portal or just a story which will give us a basic working and understanding of your project application. How your project works or you would like it to work and what you would require from us.
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    Now that we have understood what your requirements and expectations are, our project managers meet the clients and figure out the road map. There might be areas that need to be eliminated, or area that would require more focus. We prefer meeting the client and discussing all these aspects.
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    There might be areas which require research, our experts will conduct a proper and detailed research and a Proof of concept is developed for each of these areas.
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    Cost Estimation

    The cost per module and the work estimate is made according to the scope of work, research and development for each project.
Now that all the plans and procedures are in place, the next step is to implement them

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    Single point of contact

    Once we start the implementation process for your project, we assign a person who will be your point of contact. He will be responsible to keep you in the loop during the entire process and will be always available to answer all your queries.
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    Technical Design

    Our Design experts will come up with technical designs and module option for the campaigns, presentations and the brand.
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    Once all the designs are approved by our in-house experts, the development of the designs and implementing the changes if any takes place.
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    Once the entire design is ready and developed, it undergoes quality and review test and all the comments are taken note of, and changes are incorporated accordingly.
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    Completion of the module

    The final design is then sent to the client for their reviews and after they have approved the designs and the quality, we finalize the same.
Post development, stabilization of the project is undertaken in the following manner:

1. The process of quality and bugs checking is continuously undertaken at Gingersoup.

2. We resolved all the issues we face at the earliest.

3. Each module is taken care of individually. We do not rush our work.

4. Integrating the entire module.

5. Testing the module and resolving the issues.

6. Staging an environment to host the application.

Once we have stabilized the application on a staging environment, we start the final phases:

1. We set up a development environment for the application.

2. Check whether the application is set-up properly in the development environment.

3. Bringing the application to life.

4. Post-production support of 15 days at no extra charge to take care of any issue.

5. Once all the issues are solved and the working is good, we hand over the application to the client.