SEOs and Web Developers Working Together Effectively


When it comes to website optimization, it becomes a task working with SEOs, client and web developers as all these are essential to the success of the campaign and it is very important to understand the point of view from each of these.In order to get good results from your web campaign, it is important that there is unison among everyone working on the project. Scroll below for some useful tips to ensure a successful campaign.

Communicate better:

SEO considers how search engines work and is a process which helps in finding out the keywords that are preferred by the target audience. A high ranking in search engines means more traffic to your site. Often SEOs will identify areas that require actions from the Web developer, and the same should be communicated to the team working on it by making them understand the benefits of doing so. While requesting the team to rectify the issue, make them understand the problem that is being faced, the reason for the same, and the solution that can overcome the issue and how it will benefit the company.

Provide Solutions:

Just highlighting the problem will not suffice; you should also provide at least one solution to resolve it, making the implementation easier for the web developer. If possible try getting more solutions to fix the problem and discuss the same with the web developer and if you are not able to come up with any solutions, go through the research with the web developer and try coming up with a solution together, this will also help in team building and the web developer will appreciate your efforts.

Let your Website Evolve:

Make your web developer understand the importance of having your site up-to-date. If your web developer feels that his work is done once your site is designed and launched, it will be very difficult to implement changes. It is always helpful to discuss these matters and ensure that the web developer sees your site as an on-going project.

Creating Success:

Both the SEOs and the web developer should work together to improve the website. It should be your common goal to make the site a success, as the client should get returns on his investment. Just by uploading website, the work is not done; the client will want his website to meet all his business requirements as well.

All are Important:

A website portrays the hard work put in by the web developer; appreciate the work that he has put in and not criticize his ability instead. Learn to be tactful in dealing with any changes even though they may seem minor. When communicating changes to others, always perceive as to how you would react if they were being told to you. This skill is very essential and will help you in the long run.

Effectively using Communication Tools:

Consider using Project Management Tools instead of bombarding your team with emails. Use a tool that is tailored to meet your specific project requirements so that it is helpful to everyone involved in the project. Basecamp is one such example which helps you delegate tasks, responsibilities and communicate effectively.

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