The marketing industry is transforming itself, as more and more consumers and businesses are shifting towards digital marketing techniques. We help you to build a successful and integrated digital marketing campaigns to enhance your business.

To help you market your products better, we would need to understand the market and the channels where you want us to focus:

Marketing Strategy Worksheet Example

Goal Sell H+ Nutritional supplement.
Audience 18-35 Female Interested in Fitness
Channel Facebook Pinterest Blog
Paid Ads for supplement n/a Sponsored blog listing
Earned Create a viral
Create a viral
Add share links and
encourage comments.
Earned Post 3x a week
on supplement.
Create an
fitness board.
Create 2 blog articles
per week.

The ultimate goal of this product

We want to know the age group of your target audience, gender and the interests and preferences of your audience.

Social media channels or any other channels where you want your product to be marketed.

Paid ads in those channels, free ads, etc

What do you plan to achieve from these channels.

The amount of publicity you want on each channel and the number of times the campaign should appear.

Download link : Marketing Strategy Worksheet