How a Content Marketer can survive Mobilegeddon


April 21st 2015 has become a very important day for those sites that are mobile friendly as they have been favoured by Google in its updated search algorithm. In other words, the sites that aren’t mobile friendly are going to be left fighting for search results. Just in case you are among the ones who have been left behind, fear not; we have designed this post to equip you to overcome Mobilegeddon.

Reason for Updates:

On 26th Feb, 2014 Google had announced about the changes they were going to implement to their search algorithm which would make it “easier for users to find mobile-friendly web pages.” Google wants its users to have the best experience. The sites lacking correct formatting and text for mobile devices will no longer appear in the forefront during searches. Thus, it is essential for Content Marketers to review their sites and make the necessary updates.

Changing with Time:

The percentage of mobile traffic has increased to over 60%. Following the current trend, Google has changed its primary focus to mobile users. According to them, this change will affect all languages worldwide and will have a significant impact as users will find it easier to get relevant, high quality search results that are optimized for their device. The sites with valuable and responsive content will get higher rankings, so it is very essential to update the site and create the best user experience in order to reap the benefits.

Design Options:

There are many ways to optimize your site; it is essential for you to understand how each of these will affect your content:

Responsive Design: This is one of the most popular methods to make content mobile –friendly, as it provides the best user experience by changing its format according to the device held by the user. This means that your content is fully optimized and your site is one of the best. There are hosted options available such as or you can download a CMS like

Fully-Hosted Mobile Site: This design is for those who do not have the capacity to optimize their existing website; it provides the functionality like a desktop based counterparts. The process of installation is easy; just the matter of uploading the application. The only drawback is that whatever content is uploaded on the site has to also be uploaded on the mobile site.

What actions Content Marketers need to take? 

As a Content Marketer, you can take Google’s Mobile Friendly Test which will analyze the URL of your site and will produce a detailed report on how much mobile friendly your site is and if there are any changes that need to be made.

It is very essential to optimize the entire content as you need to provide a great user experience to your users else they will not be visiting your site anymore. Always visualize your reaction from a user’s point of view and optimize accordingly. Always keep your Target Audiences in mind along with the below tips:

  • Your content should be able to grab the attention of your viewers and gain maximum impact
  • The images should not get pixilated as the format for mobiles are completely different as compared to desktop counterparts
  • The info-graphics should be clearly visible to the user
  • Your site should be interactive and top notch to be able to generate more visits
  • The content should be catchy and to the point

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