Facebook Now Lets People Call Businesses From News Feed Ads


The easiest and fastest way for people to reach you…

Facebook has launched a new feature in their ‘local awareness’ objective to help businesses grow. This initiative will allow people to get in touch with your business, just by clicking on your advertisement.

The process to create an ad is also very simple, as they can be created from your page in just a couple of minutes, making it both convenient as well as easy to access. The feature includes two buttons:

Call Now: This option allows a person to directly get in touch with you

Get Directions: With this option, people will get guided to your location through their mobile phones mapping application

Another great aspect of this feature is that it is cost effective, as you can set the budget and the location you want your ad to reach. You will be able to reach more people around you through ‘local awareness’ initiative than any newspapers or other kinds of advertising.

This feature also allows you to know the number of people you have reached through ‘People Reached’ option, and ‘Clicks’ option displays the number of people who have clicked on ‘Get Directions’ or ‘Call Now’ option.


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