It’s not just a name. We create compelling brand stories that engage your audience across multiple touch points.

  • In-depth Market Analysis and Competitive Study
    When you have a great product or service idea, we figure out a market for it.
    We conduct two types of research to gather data; Primary Research and Secondary Research. Primary Research Method is conducted by gathering data from surveys, focus group discussions and in-depth interviews. Secondary Research Method involves gathering statistics, reports, and studies from various organizations.
  • Brand Goal Definition
    We brainstorm the objectives that you want to achieve; your Short-Term Objectives as well as Long-Term Objectives.
  • Brand Promise and Brand Personality
    The basis of any brand is its core promise. We help you determine the essential idea around which your brand will be built. Strategy and Performance is about the company, whereas a promise is about the people. Once the promise is determined, we’ll help you create a magnetic personality that builds an aspirational brand affiliation.
  • Brand Name, Tagline and Positioning Statement
    We go through several screening of name process and identify names that will work best for your target group. The Supporting Statement for your logo and the Positioning Statement for your brand is deciphered from the main reason as to why your customers would prefer your brand over others. It explains the brand details, the differentiating factor, its similarities with its competitors as well as the reasons for buying or using a particular brand.