5 Things to consider while blogging

5 Things to consider while BLOGGING

“What is the ideal length of a blog post?”  This question usually lingers in the minds of clients who want to increase their business through blogs. Honestly, there is no said length for a blog; it should be able to pass on the message effectively to the reader. You can read the guides below to get a fair understanding on the same.

Points to Consider

The whole point of writing a blog is to write content that the reader will actually have use for, so it is important to make sure you give them quality. There are certain aspects you should keep in mind such as:

  • The reader: the one for whom you are writing
  • Purpose: the reason for writing the post; type of post
  • Impact: how will the reader react to the post
  • Solutions: whether it will help the reader find answers to his queries

Defining Lengths

It is also important to consider the objective before deciding upon the length. For an informative blog, the length may be more as you have to provide the readers with detailed information on a particular subject; whereas if you are writing a blog just to provide answers to doubts, a smaller sized blog will suffice.

How small is small

Even though you might think of writing a small blog, it still should be of some value to the reader. A blog consisting of 300-500 words will have a greater impact than a blog which is much shorter. There is a balance between lengthy blog and a very short blog; it is very important to find the right balance so that the outcome is not too lengthy nor too small.

Search engines have a criteria which they use to define the quality of the blog, so while you are writing for your readers, you also have to think on the lines of the search engines as they are the ones who take a call on the same. Google is very clear on its policy on providing a great user experience to its users; so it is important to establish the same.

Google’s update on In-Depth Article

In 2013, Google had introduced its policy on In-Depth article so as to provide better results to users who required comprehensive resources to their queries. There are certain factors besides good content that one should keep in mind to be eligible to be considered in this section that include Schema Article markup. It is necessary to make Google aware that your blog is resourceful to the user.

Creating good posts

The user should find your blog useful, informative and engaging so as to make it a good post. It is all about the user, if your post is able to answer the queries of the reader, you have served the purpose. The length won’t matter as much if the desired information is available to the reader.

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