5 Hacks to Tackle Content for BORING Industries


As a content writer, you are sure to find yourself at cross roads while writing for industries that come across as “Boring”. To put you at ease, you are not sailing alone; there are a lot of writers who are going through this same turmoil.

The primary reason for this is usually because of two reasons; one wherein you are not authorized to share a lot of information, namely finance and stock related firms; secondly industries in the warehousing and construction sector where there isn’t that much available to share upon.

So the question arises how do I write something that will do justice to my industry and bring in viewers???

First tackle the “Boring” issue

Every industry has its own attributes in ways that are pleasing to the people working in it. So you are sure to get people who will love the updates you provide them in their field. It’s just the matter of finding the right crowd; if your content reaches the right set of people, you are sure to gain a large following.

In order to make your content appealing, you have to get into the mindset of the industry peers, think through their perspective, understand what they are passionate about, the industry jokes, what aspects makes this field interesting, etc.; an in-depth research should help you tackle this task.

Engage your Readers

Whatever the industry, your audiences are still people. Give them something they will like to read. It is very important to know your target audience, understand what they will prefer and what they are expecting from you; use your content to engage your readers.

It is also necessary to educate your readers about the new trends and updates in the industry. Provide solutions to the problems they might be facing, or just tips that help face challenges. Make sure your research enables you to provide extensive data which is helpful to them and they are sure to come back for more.

Explore New Techniques

Another aspect you can explore is creating videos, viewers are usually inclined to watching a tutorial rather than reading the entire content. Research has proved that readers tend to read only 60 per cent of the entire write-up. So, give them something interesting along with a couple of visuals as well.

Give a proper break-up

No matter how you present the content, it is rather difficult for a reader to read the entire piece at one go. Using bullets, numbering and other formatting options will give a nice look to the write-up and make it more presentable. You can break the content into paragraphs and give them headings, so that the reader can glance though them and only read what is essential to him.

Go Social

Another platform you can utilize to make your brand stand out is by sharing your content on social media platforms such as Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook etc. Certain brands are not active on every social media platform but they may be active on LinkedIn, so it is essential to conduct a proper research and then take your brand to the platform which will benefit the organization at large.

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