In today’s digital world, it has become very essential for business to connect with their consumers. A proper and precise consumer-centric research will help in creating effective campaigns, increasing sales and building relationships with your consumers.

We would want to know more about the market and the audiences you are planning to target for your product. Below is an example of the details we would require from your end:

Customer Strategy Worksheet Example

Business Name H+ Sports
Mission Statement Encourage active lifestyles by offering ethically sourced nutritional products
Target Audience 24-35 Male
Interested in Sports
24-35 Female
Interested in Fitness
40 – 55 Male and
Interested in wellness
Audience Goals Perform better See results faster Feel healthier Feel
Audience Technology Facebook
Sports blogs
Health blogs
Yahoo! News
Word of mouth
Email ads

Business Name:
The name of your product, service or organization.

Mission Statement:
The mission statement of your organization.

Target Audience:
There are 3 boxes in this column, we want to know the age group of your target audience, gender and the interests and preferences of your audience.

Audience Goals:
Here we want to know details as to what your target audience hope to achieve by using your product, benefits associated with your product and why your product should be used by them.

Audience Technology:
The technology your audience uses the most, the social sites they prefer and the type of devices they may own.

Please download the form fill it and mail it to us at [email protected]
Once we receive this form, our representative will contact you shortly and meet you to discuss as to how we can work together.

Download link : Customer Strategy Worksheet