Gingersoup provides full-service marketing which helps you achieve all your business goals using strategically designed data driven marketing solutions to convert your target customers and earn a better ROI.

There are certain aspects of your business and your product we would like to know about, before we meet you in person. Below is an example of the details we would require from your end:

Business Strategy Worksheet Example

Business Name H+ Sports
Mission Statement Encourage active lifestyles by offering ethically sourced nutritional products
Objectives Sell nutritional
Be socially responsible. Receive validation from
the athletic community.
Value Proposition Scientifically proven to
Local community
Certifications from
ethical and eco boards.
Elevator Pitch H+ creates nutrional products to improve athletic performance.

Business Name:
The name of your product, service or organization.

Mission Statement:
The mission statement of your organization.

There are 3 boxes in this column. We want to know the objectives that you had in mind about this product, its features and what the product is all about.

Value Proposition:
Here we want to know your target audience, research conducted on the product, which accreditations or certifications you have received or are expecting to receive.

Elevator Pitch:
The one feature of your product that you want your brand to be known by.

Please download the form fill it and mail it to us at [email protected]
Once we receive this form, our representative will contact you shortly and meet you to discuss as to how we can work together.

Download link : Business Strategy Worksheet