Audience Goals Example

The best way to ensure a successful campaign is to offer what the audience wants. Consumers today are very particular about the brands they use, the type of products they purchase and the make of each product. Which is why, understanding their needs and creating something they want is the only way to succeed.

Help us understand your business goals and your audiences better.

Target Audience 24-35 Female Interested in Fitness
Audience See results faster
Business Goals Sell H+ nutritional
Receive organic reach Gain followers on
fitness blog
Shared Value Results will be
achieved faster
Product is ecofriendly Brand is authentic
and owned by fitness
Key Performance
# of supplements sold # of shares on
# of visitors to blog
Target Audience 1,000 units
Average 50 shares per
Average 500 visitors
per day

Target Audience:
The age group, gender and the interest of your target audience.

What are their expectations from your product and what they want to achieve after using your product.

Business Goals:
Here there are 3 columns, we want to know your business goal, information about your product, its type, and the channels you want your product to be marketed in.

Shared Value:
The performance of your product, the type of users if any, whether the product is Eco-friendly, etc

Key Performance Indicator:
The number of products sold, shares or likes on social media channels, and the number of visitors who have read your blogs.

Target Audience:
The time span in which the above products got sold, the average number of shares on each post and the average visitors on the blog.

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