9 Tips sure to help you Rank Higher


Whether your business is small and booming or an established one, having a good ranking on any search engine is very important. In order to get a good ranking, you need to provide a great user experience to your visitors. Google will analyse UX based on the quality bounce rate and the amount of time the user spends on the website. There are certain criteria required to have a good impact on your search results:

Updated Algorithms:

A majority of Algorithms have been updated in 2014 which are focused on User Experience.

  • Top Heavy Update: Google has updated Top Heavy to prevent sites that have a lot of ads to rank higher. This update is done periodically so that sites which have removed the excess ads can regain their higher ranks.
  • Panda Update: This update has been introduced so that sites with poor content cannot be listed in higher ranks. Panda is also regularly updated which enables sites to review their content and make necessary changes.
  • HTTPS: Google has updated HTTPS as a ranking signal to make internet safer.
  • Penguin: Penguin helps to catch the sites which spam search results and those who buy links which boost rankings.
  • Authorship: Authorship photos has been dropped by google search results; Author’s names will be linked to Google+ profiles instead.

Turn your Focus

It is extremely important to focus on your User; Google has been very clear about this specific aspect as even they believe in providing a great User Experience. They control the pre click experience and want you to help them with the post click experience in terms of Bounce Rate and the amount of time spent by the user at your site.

  • Bounce Rate: In simple terms, when visitors come to your site and navigate your website, it shows that they are interested in the same and that they have found what they were looking for. In case a visitor lands on your site, and leaves the same without navigating, it shows that your site does not contain the products they want.
  • Time spent on site: The total time spent by the visitor on your site including the time spent navigating to all the pages.

What is your Gain?

With an improved Bounce Rate and a decent amount of time spent by visitors on your site, it is clear that users are finding your site useful and are having good user experience. Once you have proved the above, there are a certain perks that you are sure to receive:

  • Higher Rankings: With good ratings in terms of Bounce and Time, you are surely to go up in terms of Rankings as compared to what you had ranked before.
  • Conversion Rate of Users: With an increased amount of time spent on the website, visitors will also be looking at the products, which will ultimately lead to more sales and revenue.

Mobile friendly Sites

Google has updated its Search Algorithm in which the sites which are mobile friendly get higher rankings. So if you are looking at a good traffic for your site, make sure your site is mobile friendly. The optimized site must be responsive so as to make the visitor stay in your site for a longer period of time and bot bounce to another site instead.

Speed of your Site

This is another important aspect; only a site with good speed will provide its users a great user experience. Also, sites wherein the pages take longer time to load have less conversion rate. Google’s page speed Insights tool will give you more information on optimizing your website’s speed.

Broken Links

This is a red flag as Google will not want to send users to a page that will not be found. You can review your site using tools such as Screaming Frog, Google Webmaster Tools, Xenu etc. It is important that you fix the problem or implement tools that will help resolve the same.

Linking Internally

By linking your content to other pages in your site, you can send the visitor to pages within your site enabling them to get more information from your site without the need of going back to Google’s search page.


A blog will guarantee more time spent on your site; if you provide good content in your blog, visitors will stay longer as they will be able to learn and receive a lot of relevant information. Adding images and graphics will make the blog appealing. Also provide links that are related to your article so that the user will be able to get all the information at one go.

Google Analytics

This feature will help in analyzing the pages with the lowest amount of time on site and the highest bounce rate; make sure you rectify the same by analyzing the data individually.

In conclusion, make sure that you offer your viewers a good user experience, make sure there are no bounce backs, and have content that is nothing but the best.


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