10 greatest mistakes you can make with your banner advertisement


It is very easy to put the blame on other aspects when it comes to admitting mistakes but in the scenario of your banner advertisement, the fault usually lies in the marketer itself.

We have come up with the top ten reasons for the failure of your banner ad goals:

  1. Pull in the right crowd:

One of the areas where marketers usually go wrong is that they want a lot of traffic to their website; what they don’t realize is that only traffic will not bring in business. What they need are potential buyers that being said, make sure your ads appeal to your target audience; it will bring in business which is a better deal than just traffic.

  1. Size Matters:

Another aspect is the size of your banner ads, publishers usually have specifications to the size needed for ads. You can follow IAB standards to be sure of the size. The amount of time dedicated to the animation, file size and weight does play an important role in attracting visitors.

  1. Information is the key:

Make sure the information you provide to your viewers is in a precise and clear format. If the information is too cluttered, they will not be interested. Utilize the advertisement time given to you efficiently.

  1. Nothing like being creative:

Your ad should stand out from your competition. Give your viewers something different; something that is tasteful, precise and elegant at the same time. Do not go for something that will give your viewers a headache. Avoid pop-ups in between your ads.

  1. Short & Sweet:

While using text in your ads, go for something that is both short and informative at the same time. Do not club multiple messages in one ad. Use separate ads for each set of messages.

  1. Knowing the right place:

Place your advertisements on the websites your target audiences are sure to visit. Make your ad available where your visitors are sure to find you. A proper insight into the minds of your customers will help you in deciding the same. Placing ads in the wrong website will just bring in the wrong crowd.

  1. Measure your success:

It is very important to measure the success of your campaign. Knowing the effectiveness of your ad will help you in your future campaigns as well. If your ads are not able to bring in traffic, change the ad or make a new ad altogether. One more aspect that marketers usually tend to forget is the sales that the traffic generate; if you are just getting a lot of traffic and no sales then there is something missing.

  1. What to do next:

Just by showing your audiences a fabulous ad, you are not going to receive business. Once the ad has been watched, guide your audience with the next step; a call to action step. This will help you achieve your advertisement goals for sure.

  1. Now that’s what we call good:

Your job doesn’t end by just by having an awesome ad; your landing page has to be just as awesome as your ad. To get a good value from your ad investment, you have to make sure that your visitors don’t run back screaming. Invest on your landing page as that is the face of your organization.

  1. Innovation goes a long way

Do not invest a lot on ads, always bring in innovation in your ads. Make sure you regularly change the ads that are not bringing in the desired traffic. With lesser investment, your return on investment won’t get affected.

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